Things Dogs Do That Drive You Absolutely Nuts


Man’s best friend are man’s best friend for a reason. There are so many things that are great about having a fluffy, four-legged sidekick always nearby. This doesn’t mean that we love every little thing that they do, though. I’m sure that your pup has irked you with one of these annoying habits before!

1. Chewing on anything and everything

Shoes, carpet, your toes, you name it. Just not the designated fancy toys you got them from the store.

yogini_is_a_dancer (1)

2. Shedding.

This one is probably the king of this list, for obvious reasons.


3. Steal your food while you’re not looking.

Hot steaming plate of fresh dinner on the coffee table? Easy.


4. Their obsession over small animals.

Squirrels, birds, chipmunks, and any other critter that can lead them into the path of danger.


5. Jumping fences.

Whether it’s a backyard fence, dog park fence, or doggy daycare fence, they can’t escape if they want to.


6. Separation Anxiety.

It’s a real and hard problem. Especially because it just means that your dog really, really loves you. But your neighbors really, really don’t when they have to listen to your dog’s whining all day.


7. Messy eating and drinking.

You can’t really expect your pup to care about where his food and water lands when he’s eagerly nomming away at the bowl. But it doesn’t make it any less annoying cleaning up after these messy little rescles!


8. Inappropriate behavior.

Some pup parents are luckier than others. For those who have those dominant dogs who like to put other pooches in their place, this can be very annoying and embarrassing to deal with. Even worse when it’s a guest’s leg and not another dog.


hump11-600x600 (1)

9. Avoiding you when it’s bath time.

Dogs are smart. They know when you’re about to drench them in soapy water. My dogs hide under the bed when it’s time and make it extra difficult… little boogers.


This poor dog is *forced* into soapy water, sometimes as often as once a month. With your donation…

10. Whining the whole way during a car ride.

They know you’re taking them somewhere. Somewhere super fun. They just can’t contain their excitement and need to express their emotions and let you know how they’re feeling!


11. Begging for food.

Some dogs will do whatever it takes to take the food right out of your hands!


12. Leash pulling.

If you have a dog who thinks he’s a leader and not a follower, this can quickly get on your nerves.


13.Leaving their toys in the least optimal places and scattered about.

Thank goodness most of the toys you buy are soft and plush. They are still terrible tripping hazards, however. And you spend so much of your time picking those toys up and putting them back, only to find them strewn about an hour later.


14.Eating anything and everything off the ground.

Don’t they know how bad this potentially could be?! Well, of course they don’t. They’re dogs.


15. Bothering you while you’re working out.

Ever try to do a push-up with your pups around? They seem to think it’s play time, not workout time.


16.Vying for your attention when you’re trying to work.

It’s like they know you have to be productive so they decided this is the best time to bother you. You know they really love you when they climb on top of your keyboard so you’re completely trapped.


17. Waking you up way too early.

We looked for “Sleeping In” in the dictionary of doge. It’s not there.