16 Things About Dogs That Only A True Dog Lover Will Understand

Here are 16 things that only dog lovers and owners will have experienced at least once and will definitely understand!

1. That sad look you just can’t get mad at.

dog owners only understand

2. They want to be by your side 24/7

dog owners only understand

3. When your dog takes over your bed.

dog owners only understand

4. When you come home and see the couch cushion torn…who could that possibly be?!

dog owners only understand

5. The do this ALL the time.

dog owners only understand

6. When you go to the shelter with no intention of bringing home a dog…but just can’t.

dog owners only understand

7. This happens…EVERY TIME.


 8. The cuteness is too much sometimes.


9. Anyone who has windows and a dog knows this.


10. Those people whose dogs are afraid of everything…you know what this is like.


11. SO TRUE.


12. walk?


13. This holds true no matter what.


14. This holds true no matter what.


15. Every dog owner struggles with this:



16. Spend money on a great bed, they don’t use it. ALWAYS!


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