These Two Dogs Were Dumped At The Shelter Together Become Inseparable

Chewbacca is a  10-year-old German Wirehaired Pointer and Labrador mix and CC is a six -year-old Rat Terrier had a loving family for years.


Sadly they had a child that was allergic to the dogs so they had no choice but to give the up.


 The family took them to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa where you always saw them together. normally holding  and loving each other. Without their family, their inseparable bond was all they had left.


You will always find CC sitting on top of Chewy.  There is no way they can be put in separate homes, for they would be devastating.


When they go outside for some fresh air, they never leave one another and are always seen together.


It didn’t take very long for them to be placed in their forever home.


Their new family consists of two other dogs and three pigs!


They have a new family and are enjoying every day with them!


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