See What These Hospitals Are Doing To Help Stressed Out Staff


The need for therapy pets have increased throughout the world.  A Chicago hospital has employed a therapy dog, and they are not for the sick patients, but for the staff members.

Doctors, nurses and other hospital employee have a difficult job dealing with sick people that are not always easy to work with and at times there are sad outcomes when dealing with the death of patients.  It can be very difficult and there is often a high turn over rate because of the constant stress.

To help the staff  when they are feeling at their breaking point at work, the hospital had brought in Minnie.  Minnie is a labradoodle mix, with softest and the fluffiest fur ever according to those she helps.  The staff is able to spend some private time with her, and almost everyone that’s taken part is reporting lower stress levels, and more satisfaction with their jobs.

Minnie is a big hit at the hospital, and we believe there will be more therapy dogs popping up all over the world.  Do you have a therapy dog?  Someone the help you through the rough patches?  Share you therapy dog stories with us here in the comments section below, or on out Facebook page.


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