The Reason Why This Vet Locks Himself In A Kennel With A Battered Pit Bull Is Incredibly Sweet

According to the Youtube video summary, r. Andy Mathis, a veterinarian in Elberton, Georgia, was about to leave the hospital for the night. Right at closing time, however, a woman called about a starving dog she found on a county dirt road.  Dr. Mathis told her to bring the dog in so he could take a look at her.

The woman arrived at Granite Hills Animal Care with a gray pit bull in horrible condition.  This dog was emaciated, anemic, hypothermic, and was suffering from a severe vaginal prolapse.  Dr. Mathis wasn’t sure if she would make it, so he turned to his fellow animal lovers on Facebook for help and support.  “So I had 2 choices,” Dr. Mathis wrote on Facebook.  “I can put her to sleep.  Or try to save her.  So I asked the universe … also known as Facebook … and the universe said ‘Try.’  The universe even named her as they said, ‘we hate the thought that any pet gets sent to rainbow bridge or passes away without a name,’ so they christened her Graycie Clair.  Spelled with a Y for her gray coloring.”

Graycie the pit bull

You can see how emaciated she was when she arrived.

Graycie the pit bull-1

They monitored her around the clock to keep her alive.

Graycie the pit bull-2

She has a long road to recovery.

Graycie the pit bull-3

In order to make Graycie comfortable, Dr. Mathis decided to sit in the kennel and eat out of a metal bowl with her as equals. After sitting in the kennel, he noticed Graycie’s appetite and weight started to grow by the day.


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