Dogs Who Are Not Thankful At Thanksgiving. You’re About To See Why…

Thanksgiving’s about turkey, spending time with family (have plenty of wine on hand for that part), and giving thanks. Apparently, that wasn’t enough for the owners of these dogs who had to suffer the indignity of wearing silly costumes. Here are some dogs who are NOT thankful at Thanksgiving, due to silly costumes.

1. “I’m gonna need a way bigger net to catch this turkey.” #Fail

via Walyou

2. “The redness of my wattle symbolizes the rage I feel inside right now.”

via Walyou

3. “I hope you know we plan to steal the pumpkin pie to make up for this betrayal of trust.”

via Dandelion Moms

4. “Really. Really right now?”

via The Fw

5. “Gee, way to reuse the tiny hooman’s school project. So festive.”

via A House In The Hills

6. “We need to have a talk about your craft store obsession.”

via Wiggles and Wine

7. “It never ends well when hoomans start sticking stuff to my rear end.”

via The FW

8. “That’s it. I’m pooping in the fireplace.”

via The Fw

9. “I said I wanted to EAT the turkey, not BE the turkey!”

via Corgi Addict

10. “This must be payback for that time we ate your sandwich. Worth it.”

via Chuba & Company

11. “None of this is even real. This holiday stinks!”

via Chuba & Company

12. “This is going to cost you lots of treats.”

via Cocojor

The lesson to take away from all this? This Thanksgiving, dress the turkey — not the dog.


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