Survey Confirms Crazy Dog People Are Actually Pretty Normal, Of Course We Are!

According to Daily Mail, the research found that 56% of British dog owners plant kisses on their pups and some even cook special meals for them. 23% let their pups eat from the same plate as them. Owners also spent a whopping estimated £1 billion (1.4 billion in US dollars) on dog stuff, like booties for their paws, in 2015.



If you’ve ever decided not to go on vacation or stay close to home, you’ve got company. 18% of people surveyed reported staying in UK when on holiday to avoid having to leave their pups with strangers. Prit Powar from Direct Line told Daily Mail that “Brits really are a nation of dog lovers, choosing to spend their hard-earned cash on making their beloved pooches comfortable.”

single dog parent feat

One thing’s for sure — dog people are crazy about their pups, and if you’ve ever had the luck of sharing your life with a dog, it’s not hard to understand why.


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