If We Gave You 50 Guesses, You Wouldn’t Guess What Was Inside This Enormous Snake?

When you own a pet, you just have to accept that nothing is off limits. Most dog prove everything as a delicious chew toy and edible!

But down in Australia, where dangerous wild animals lurk around every corner, there’s a lot more to worry about than just your dog chewing up your shoe.

A family living in Australia’s Gold Coast discovered a large python had broken into their home, they were petrified . They noticed it was acting strange.


They noticed a large bulge in the middle of the snake’s body, they called handler Tony Harrison who rushed the reptile to a local vet. The vet x-rayed the snake and decided they needed to get the object out immediately.


The veterinarians performed an emergency operation on the snake. 


The snake had eaten a stuffed teddy bear!


If the bear hadn’t been removed, it would have led to a severe infection, or worse.


It took fifteen stitches to get the snake back and ready for action for his next “interesting” meal!


We are sad to report it was too late to reattach the bear’s leg. 


The snake was kept under the watchful eye of his doctors, but eventually recuperated and was released back to the wild where he’ll hopeful find more edible things to feast upon.


After several rides through the washing machine, the poor battered bear was returned to the family.


If I found a snake that size in my house the last thing I’d do is examine it to make sure it was feeling well. These people deserve more than a regurgitated teddy bear. They deserve a medal!