Security Camera Catches Sloth Breaking Into Cafe And Suffering Instant Karma Falling Face-First

Normally, news about a break-in feels frightening and urgent. However, once you see this fury intruder in action during its break-in, you’ll probably find yourself giggling at his antics instead.

According to Caters, a large sloth snuck into Café Milagro in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica after closing time. According to their report, this restaurant is no stranger to animals, toucans and money are frequent visitors, but this is apparently the first sloth they’ve had as a guest.

In the video below, you can see the sloth climbing slowly and steadily into a frame as a security camera captures his every move. Next, he pulls himself up to the counter-top in the cafe and surveys his surroundings.

Then, this suspicious animal is met with instant karma when he decides to investigate underneath a blanket.

Suddenly, the sloth loses his balance and plummets to the ground!

He makes a loud thud but appears to be okay. Unfortunately, the sloth’s face-first fall down to the floor alerted security and put an end to his brazen break-in.

Although this sneaky creature didn’t seem to have much success during his nighttime hunt for snacks, the surprising footage is definitely a must-see!

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