When Your Cat Does This, Immediately Stop What Your’re Doing And Go To The Vet ASAP!

Us pets owners take pride in the care we give our pets.  But sometimes it can be hard to determine what’s wrong and what kind of help they need.   A cat are so difficult to know what is ailing them. So knowing what to look for can make all the difference.

1. Weight Loss: Cancer is caused by rapid cellular growth, your cat’s body will start burning all its reserves faster and faster.


2. Lethargy: When a cat is slow-moving its a sign of sickness. This is different than their regularly sleepy demeanor, so keep an eye out.


3. Lumps: Don’t dismiss any new lumps or bumps you find on your cat.  It could be tumors. The good news is that you can find these by petting them more!


4. Cat Breath: Honestly, your cat’s breath doesn’t always smell beautiful, but if it gets abnormally bad, go to the vet asap!


5. Sudden Lameness: If there is a tumor in the bone, it can make normal activity such as walking very painful for you cat.


6. Sores and Wounds That Won’t Heal: If your cat’s immune system is working overtime to fight cancer, it can make fighting other ailments extremely difficult.


7. Difficulty Breathing: Tumors can press against their lungs and throat. Difficulty breathing could indicate there may be a growth.


8. Loss of Appetite: If your cat isn’t eating as normal, they’re trying to tell you something. Get them to the vet quick!


9. Abnormal Swelling: It doesn’t have to be a physical lump to indicate that there’s a real problem. Swelling can also be a sign.


10. Vomiting and Diarrhea: This may be indicative of many illness and prolonged bouts of either could mean a serious problem.


It is very difficult to figure out what may be your cats illness and needs.  Hopefully 
this list of symptoms should help the next time you get worried about your precious Buttons.


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