Shelter Dog Is Rejected Over 18,000 Times! Then Hollywood Steps In!

Freya was dubbed “the loneliest dog in the U.K.” after she was passed up for adoption 18,000 times over the course of six years. She was taken in when she was just 6 months old at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool, but the Staffordshire bull terrier mix has yet to find a forever home. Staffers at Freshfields are afraid that since Freya was diagnosed with epilepsy, her already slim chances would become nonexistent.

After seeing a video and an article compiled by the Mirror, Hollywood director Michael Bay decided to step in. He announced via Twitter that Freya would join the cast of Transformers: The Last Knight. As an avid dog lover, his idea to cast her came with the additional hope that all the attention to Freya’s story would find her an owner. And if it didn’t, then he is more than happy to have Freya move in with him!


Freshfields staffers said that Freya is “…a beautiful girl, so loving and friendly. She is our big baby.”


After seeing the initial article from the Mirror, Michael Bay sent out a series of tweets. He said: “Found this in the news last week in the UK. We gave the Loneliest Dog, a role in Transformers. Freya, has epilepsy and has been in a shelter her whole 6 year life. We are also going to find her a home. If not she will come to my house. Welcome to the cast Freya!”


Freya has a Facebook page, which acts as her “doggie diary.” Staff members update the page with news on potential adoptions for Freya, as well as her happy daily life.


Deputy kennel manager at Freshfields, Kate Jones, discussed Freya’s medical condition with the Mirror. “We sincerely hope this does not put people off giving her a home, after many years here, she thoroughly deserves to find a loving family,” she said.


Freya is in need of an adult-only home, where she is the only pet. She needs someone with patience while she adapts to being in a home for the very first time, after all of these years in a shelter.


If you want to see more of Freya and if she’s been adopted, you can follow her on Facebook at Freshfields Animal Rescue “Freya’s” Doggie Diary.



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