Bobby Has A His New Sweater And New Surroundings That Fills His Heart With Love


In just a matter of days, the sad little dog who sat for months in Miami Dade Animal Services has found so much more than a home. Bobby has a family who adores him and now an entire building of people who want nothing more than to scratch his ears and tell him he’s a good boy.


His new mom Paola Mariaca is the founder of a pet therapy program at the Ponce Plaza Nursing Center, and Bobby entered and immediately had many new friends.


“I like him very much. He’s a very nice dog, a very nice dog,” said resident Maucha Gutierrez. Bobby’s face shines with the joy and love he feels with his surroundings.


He’s been deemed the picture of health after a vet visit, and has a whole lot of love to look forward to in the years to come. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that this once lonely boy will never feel unwanted or unloved again.



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