These Divers Couldn’t Believe What They Were Witnessing Right Before Their Eyes

We have always been fascinated with seahorses. The tiny fish are not only chameleon-like and able to blend into their surroundings, they are amazing to look at.

Meagan Abele and Clayton Manning research seahorses for the global conservation group Project Seahorse in Australia. (Did you know over 40 species of seahorses are critically endangered?) These two scientists were recently diving in Nelson Bay in New South Wales when they were lucky enough to spot a male pregnant Witei seahorse giving birth!

Amazingly its the male seahorses are actually the ones who carry the babies. The males don’t make the eggs, however. When mating, a female seahorse deposits her eggs inside the male’s pouch, where the eggs are then fertilized. The eggs gestate in the male’s pouch and when they are ready, the male release his young into the surrounding ocean. You’ll see! Just watch Meagan and Clayton’s fascinating video below!

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