This Sheriff Has A Tearful Reunion With A Special Dog

When Sheriff’s Deputy Trevor came back to town for a visit, his #1 priority was seeing a pit bull named Stevie Wonder.

Deputy Trevor got to know Stevie when he was adopted out of Baton Rouge shelter. Stevie had a degenerative eye disease that caused blindness. Defenseless and without the ability to see what was coming, Stevie was attacked by other dogs, causing life-threatening injuries. To make matters worse, Stevie’s owners were so traumatized by the dog fight that they decided to get rid of him altogether.

Amazingly, Stevie’s hellish experience didn’t keep him from holding love in his heart. In the touching video below, Deputy Trevor is reunited with his old friend for the first time since Stevie was rescued from his attack, and the tears start flowing. Villalobos Rescue Center member Sugar Hill stepped up to take care for Stevie after he was been abandoned by his former owners.

Sugar Hill was deeply touched seeing these two long-lost friends together again. Really, it’s enough to make the roughest, toughest man cry — just as you’re about to see.

“Stevie embodies everything in the world that’s good,” Deputy Trevor says.


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