A Retired Police K9 Just Found Abandoned And Famished In Backyard

How does this happen? You have a decorated retired police dog who did her job and risked her life serving for the police force, and now the reward is to be left starving in a backyard, chained up to a fence? Apparently on a body mass index of 1 to 9, she was ranked a 1. Unbelievable.


It was the worst abuse the shelter had ever seen. Thankfully the dog named Hope is recovering, though she needed a blood transfusion due to the intestinal parasites. She still has a long way to go, but the shelter has been providing positive updates, despite her initial poor condition:

“Even after a week of intensive veterinary treatment, she still looks completely emaciated. Petting her side, you can feel each and every rib; her spine and hip bones are clearly evident through her fur. In fact, she is still at only half her estimated body weight. But as terrifyingly thin as she looks now, she is a hundred percent better than she looked about a week ago when we first met her…”


There was a recent update that states the following progress:

“Today, when I visited her, she was accepting pets, drinking water, and walking on her own. She even made it vocally clear that she believed she should be fed every half an hour rather than every four hours. Hope will be able to go home to her foster’s house tonight and will remain under veterinary supervision until she returns to a normal body weight. We estimate that should take about a month.”

Really despicable how this former police dog ended up like this. She even won awards for her duty performed.

She actually was preventing crime from occurring, in the very same neighborhood she would end up become abused in.


No word on the charges against the owners as an investigation is currently going on. Hopefully they will get charged, and will be sentenced to the fullest extent of the law possible. Cross your fingers for the owners prosecution and for more positive recovery reports for Hope.


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