When They Rescued This Dog From A Ravine, You Won’t Believe What She Was Hiding Down There.

When the residents of North Pointe Creek, South Carolina heard this dog barking from down a ravine, they did what anyone would do and called animal control. Officer Michelle Smith was the first to arrive on the scene.

Knowing the animal could be injured and in need of assistance, she quickly descended into the ravine behind the Home Depot where the barking was coming from. What she found at the bottom was not what they ever expected.

This is the area where the barking was coming from.


Animal Control officer Michelle Smith descended into the ravine after the animal. What she discovered at the bottom was unbelievable.


A stray shih tzu mix was nursing and caring for a newborn kitten!


The shih tzu, was unable to get both herself and her adopted baby out of the ravine, would not leave the kitten’s side.


She took the pair to Anderson County PAWS, where they remained inseparable.  The vets at the shelter said that the shih tzu had even gone into a kind of “psuedo pregnancy,” producing milk so that she could feed the kitten.



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