Days Before Going To Slaughter House To Now Playing… Look At This Happy Cow!

I thought it was a fluke the first time I saw a group of happy cows playing with a big, bouncy ball like they were more canine than bovine, but I was so wrong. Apparently, the barn animals enjoy a good time just as much as any domestic pet. In fact, they might enjoy it a bit more.

They were rescued from a horrible situation . He was destined to be slaughtered before the kind folks at Gunyah Animal Healing and Sanctuary stepped in to give him a much brighter future. His name is Rama and he was saved at just a few days old from a dairy farm that would have sent him off to die. He went from suffering  that grim death to spending his days frolicking with his fellow survivors.

His caretakers affectionately describe Rama as “the most confident and cheekiest” of all the cattle on their farm. That’s clear as he boldly steps up to the bouncy ball they brought into the paddock for the first time. While the other female cows nearby paid no mind to the orb, Rama jumped right in for a game of toss with one of the staff members.


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