You Won’t Believe What This Mother Walks In On In Her Bathroom, HILARIOUS!

It’s not something you see every day such grace, such form  and balance from an agile raccoon!

On Wednesday night, Jennifer Morgan saw all three, and she caught the whole thing on camera. She and her roommate, Kim Gray, were at home in California when the furry intruder decided to drop by their place for an unexpected visit and, so it seems, an impromptu performance.


The talented racoon gained entrance through a doggy door, the raccoon rummaged awhile through the kitchen.

“I heard something in the middle of the night,” she told news station KRCR. “My thought was, ‘Oh great, I’m going to have to fight somebody and I really don’t want to.'”

But before she could act, their dog chased the raccoon into a bathroom. That’s when Morgan walked in to see the masked creature up on her shower curtain rod, working the apparatus like a skilled little gymnast. Just watch for yourself!



Or what about this slick move? He’s able to get right-side-up again with one hand.

Now THAT’S a 10/10.



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