She Only Weighed Just Half A Pound When She Was Found

It is so important for pups to have their mommy milk and emotional support the first eight weeks.  If they don’t have their mom, the odds of their survival are very slim.

This is what happen to Little Lily and she was brought to the San Jose Animal Care Center.

A Good Samaritan found Lily alone and barely alive. They spent two days trying to help her recover by feeding her milk…


But when Lily’s condition worsened, they brought her into the San Jose Animal Care Center.

The staff was afraid Lilly the tiny puppy weighing only just 0.5 pounds would not survive.


They gave her fluids through a catheter, provided heat support, and began feeding her through a syringe.

She was so exhausted.


Only after a few hours, Lily was in much better shape. The clinic had also found a veterinarian nurse who would foster her!


In just two weeks Lily was playing and regaining her strength!


Dr. Ostermann noted in her blog post about Lily that while the person who found her only had the best of intentions, it’s important to be sure the mom isn’t coming back — and only then should you bring the animal in to the professionals:

“Sometimes good intentions can be more harmful than you would expect. Many people who find kittens or puppies assume that they are orphaned instead of waiting to see whether their mother comes back to them. The babies will do best in their mother’s care, so removing them from their environment before you are sure their mother is not coming back could hinder their chances of surviving. If you are convinced that mother is not returning to her babies and you are not well-versed in caring for orphaned kittens or puppies, please take them to your local veterinarian immediately for guidance.

We’re just glad this story ended with a happy result. Best of luck, Lily!


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