This Puppy Was Trapped Under Rocks For A Month, Then Finally Help Arrived!

Some people were passing by a cluster of rocks in Egypt when they heard the saddest sound a tiny voice, crying out for help.


When the people realized there was a puppy trapped under the rocks, they immediately stepped up to help. A local rescue group was called in, and they tried everything they could think of to help set the puppy free.

They tried to move the rocks …


… and go in between them from above …


… and then from below. But the rocks were just too heavy and stubborn to move or maneuver around. No one was quite sure how the puppy had gotten herself so stuck, but she’d clearly been down there for quite some time. It appeared that someone had been providing food but nobody could get her out.


Days passed without much progress, but the rescuers still refused to give up. They were leaving with the puppy one way or another …


… and so they called in reinforcements …


… and then even more reinforcements.


The rescuers worked tirelessly for a week to move the rocks enough so that the puppy could wiggle free …


… until finally, they got her out.


They immediately named her Rock, of course. Everyone involved with the rescue was so overwhelmed when they finally laid eyes on the sweet puppy …


… and after being trapped for so long, Rock seemed pretty darn excited to see them, too.


After being rescued, it didn’t take long for adorable little Rock to get adopted.


She’s now living with her forever family, and will never have to worry about being trapped and alone ever again.


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