Puppy Was Shot 18 Times And Survived. Now See Him Today

This little guy has endured more than and dog or human for that matter, should have ever faced!

This 6 week old puppy was shot 18 times or more this past weekend in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Captain Mark Bollinger of the Rock Hill Police said “A maintenance worker at an apartment complex first saw the puppy surrounded by a group of young teens on Sunday evening while doing his rounds. When he returned a short time later, the lab mix was bleeding.”

The maintenance worker immediately called the police and officers arrived to discover the dog had unbelievable multiple wounds.

18 times

He was rushed to Ebenezer Animal Hospital, where he was named Brody. The X-rays  showed 18 bullets were still inside Brody.


“Because of this coupled with his young age of 6 weeks, we will not perform surgery unless necessary and when he’s a little older and can handle anesthesia appropriately,” he added. “For now, we will simply watch him [for another week] and continue supportive care as he gets better.”


Brody is fully healed and is still at Ebenezer Animal Hospital waiting for adoption by Project Safe Pet.

Bollinger shared that the detectives are currently working on pinning down the suspect or suspects responsible for harming Brody.  Officials have been unable to locate Brody’s owner, and the teens who had been seen playing with him are under investigation but have not admitted to any wrongdoing.

And here he is, with his comforting companion, his cozy stuffed bear!


Amazingly Brody still trust people and is very loving and in good spirits! 

“His prognosis is good to excellent,” Dr. Hreiz said. “His external wounds are almost healed and are scabbing over.”

If you’re interested in contributing to Brody’s recovery you can make a donation to Project Safe Pet. Want to help a puppy like Brody in need of a home? Get started at Adopt-a-