10-Week-Old Puppy With Badly Broken Hip Finds New Hope And Love

This 10 weeks old, little Maverick has lived through more than any puppy should. He and his sister were found homeless and alone, and when they were brought in by some good Samaritans, vets immediately noticed that something wasn’t right.

This isn’t anything new for the kind doctors at Vet Ranch. Just recently, they took in a horse who had been so badly neglected that she was 300 pounds underweight and on the verge of death. Yet another homeless animal, a shelter rescue named Scrappy, had faced being euthanized simply because of mange — a condition that made him “unadoptable” in the eyes of many potential owners.

Little Maverick likely would have faced a similar fate if not for the doctors and donations that help Vet Ranch save hundreds of these beautiful animals. As you can see below, Maverick is a sweet, lovable puppy who will now have the chance to live a happy life because he was given the care he needed.

If you’d like to learn more about Vet Ranch Rescue or how you can save one of these animals in need, please head to their website.

Warning: parts of this video may be upsetting to some viewers.


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