15 Acts Of How These Dogs Are Your BFF

Dogs are referred as our BFFs for very good reasons: they’re smart, they’re loyal, they’re kind, and they’re oh so cute!  When we’re sad, they cuddle; when we’re happy, they play; and just when we want someone t o just sit with us, they never fail!


You see, dogs do something humans have a really hard time constantly doing, they put 100% of themselves into every relationship they have. They hold nothing back. That’s why they qualify as the best BFFS ever.

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Here are 15 of the most loyal dogs ever, meaning these pooches will do just about anything for their humans:

1. This dog won’t let anyone put their paws on this sleeping beauty.

“Step away from my human, bro.”


2. This dog will bust down any door who talks back to his boss.

“Hey, we need to talk!”


3. This dog was ready for the last dance.

“I’ll always be here for you.”



4. This dog is prepared and willing for some creative collaboration.

“Whatever you need, man.”

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5. This dog is there to hold his buddy’s hand.

“I got you, bro.”


6. This dog is willing to give a helping paw in the kitchen, anytime!

“It’s good. Really good.”


7. This dog is will to take a ride anytime.

“Ride or die together, that’s how we do.


8. This dog will always give the good look of love.

“Forever and always, man.”


9. This dog is willing to protect your new family member.


10. This dog wouldn’t dare get you into any trouble.

“I’ll just stay right here and you go play, k?”


11. This dog is willing to help keep your feet warm from the cold floor.

“Don’t worry, I’m here… I’m always here.”


12. These dogs who just want their human to be comfy above all else.

“We know how it goes.”


13. This dog willing to be a team player and do needed work.

“We got this.”


14. This dog is willing to always bring you exactly what you need at the start and end of your day.

“You need this.”


15. This dog will just sit and wait for your next move.

“Whatever you want, Mom, whatever you want.”



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