This Is Princess’s Amazing, Sad Story. Make Sure You Do Your Part… Get Her Story Heard!!!

This is an amazing story of a a dog named Princess.  This is a story of her journey of being abandoned, put in a kill shelter, rescued, to only be brought back to the shelter, TWICE!

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Princess was on the kill-list at the shelter, fortunately, a kindhearted woman named Elena Bobu, came to rescue her. Elena works with Rescue Pals–a volunteer group who rescues and helps dogs in need.

Giving Elena a little hickey!


“I was so happy to see my friend Elana, she gives my tummy rubs!”


Just look at her, picture tells it all!  Princess has a great personality. According to her website, she is a super sweet, friendly, and loving dog who loves people more than life itself.


We still have had no luck finding a home that will care for her and keep her forever.



Elena told The Dodo that each home Princess was brought into simply wasn’t fit for a dog. She said, “I found her living in a trashy backyard between piles of dirt and trash, no water, dirty and with ticks on her body. As she no longer belonged to the rescue, I had to convince and pay the ‘owner’ $100 to get her back.


Princess was returned three times to the shelter, and that took a toll on her. Each time she was returned, she became more and more depressed. It was just heartbreaking. How could anyone not feel sad and discouraged after being rejected three times?


Elena said that sometimes they find her staring blankly at the wall. But she still cheers up when she sees people. Despite being rejected three times, Princess still has a little bit of hope that she will someday, soon, find a loving forever home.  We also have hope and faith the right family will come along and get to have the most amazing dog ever, Princess!



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