Mom Captures Precious Last Moments With Her Dying Girl Before Putting Her Down

If you’re going out, might as well have something delicious that you’re not supposed to eat first.

pretty old girl

Chances are that this sweet girl doesn’t get so many delicious people food every day.

We bet she’s savoring that yummy cheeseburger, plus, she even has her best friend feeding it to her by hand!

pretty old girl

When Mom and her best budget home from their morning relaxing, it’s time for lots of time spent with beloved family.

The sweet Lab’s favorite people surround her on her last day, making sure she gets fussed over and gets lots of loves.

pretty old girl

They also make sure to get as many memories together as possible, posing for photos.

It’s heartbreaking to say “goodbye” to someone you love, but it’s a little bit easier when you know you have a memento to remember them by, and know that you’ve shown your love as much as humanly possible.

pretty old girl

This lovely girl made sure to get in her goodbyes with everyone.

As noted, it’s not easy to say “cheese” and smile when you’re saying goodbye, but these are photos that the kids will treasure for years to come.

pretty old girl

It’s not just her humans that she needs to say goodbye either.

This sweet girl gets the last chance to feel like a puppy again, playing with her best buds in the backyard for the best playdate ever.

pretty old girl

After all, that playing, it’s time to mellow out again.

She enjoys the cool air on the porch, resting with everyone she loves around her.

pretty old girl

While she takes a little rest, Mom continues with the spa treatments.

She gets pink polish on all of her nails.

pretty old girl

Just look how pretty she is with her glamorous pedicure.

It’s her last day, and she should get to feel as pretty, inside and out.

pretty old girl

Her owner makes sure that she knows how lovely and perfect she is, too.

This heartbreaking picture is captioned, “She’s my pretty old girl,” and it perfectly sums up the bond between an owner and a dog who loves her people, but is a little too weary to keep on going.

pretty old girl

At the end of the day, they get in the car again, for this baby’s last car ride.

She sits in Mom’s lap the whole way to the vet’s, being fussed over and petted so that she knows she’s a good girl.

pretty old girl

When they finally get to the vet’s office, this sweet girl gets her last shot, a quick one to go to sleep.

While she falls asleep, Mom holds her in her arms and spoons her, giving her lots and lots of love.

We can’t imagine a more perfect last day.

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