She Was Dropped Of At The Shelter, But They Got More Than A New Dog!

This is Kate, a 3 year old pit bull that was desperately sick and starved half to death.  She was dumped by her family who didn’t have “time” for her at the  Carson Animal Care Center.  Also the family didn’t want puppies in their house!


When 2nd Chance Rescue Group about Kate being dumped off at the shelter, volunteers arrived at Cason the next morning, an hour before they even opened!

Surprisingly Kate gave birth the night before to 10 puppies!  They immediately whisked her and her puppys away to a foster family.

“We got there as early as we could and got them out,” Williams says. “We didn’t want them to spend any more time then they had to there.”

Kate was 20 pounds underweight and was in need of nourishment.  “It’s a struggle to make sure she has enough milk and that she’s healthy also,” Williams says.

The puppys were born in a shelter environment and their immune system are very fragile.


Kate and her puppys will stay with a foster family until they are all strong enough to find their forever home.

Now all she has to do is get healthy and spend time with her little pups!

You can learn more about Kate and her little puppys by visiting  visiting 2nd Chances here


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