A Family Moves Away And Leaves Their Pregnant Dog Chained In The Backyard, Unbelievable!

In Ohio, a pregnant dog was found tied in a backyard, abandoned by her family.

The Backyard Dog Project, is  a non-profit, all-volunteer group that helps owners improve the quality of life for their outdoor dogs, posted the story on their Facebook page. According to their post, the four-year-old dog named Harley has always lived there in the backyard. And when Harley’s family got evicted and moved out, they just left her all alone.


A neighbor  found Harley, who sheltered herself in a space beneath the boards left in the backyard. They couldn’t  believe what they were seeing!


Fortunately, the caring neighbor then transferred Harley to an enclosure. She took care of Harley, but she couldn’t keep her.


When it was time for Harley to give birth, the kind neighbor placed her in a heated enclosure with plenty of blankets. This is where Harley gave birth to 8 puppies.


Harley and her pups still need to find a home soon. Thankfully, the neighbor who’s been taking care of her is willing to look after them for the weeks to come. But they will need to find a loving forever home after that.

If you are willing to help Harley and her babies, please contact The Backyard Dog Project at their website or at their Facebook Page.

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