Pregnant Chihuahua Was Rescued From Hoarding Owner And Gets A Maternity Photoshoot Before Giving Birth

Hazel may look happy now, but her past was anything but that. She was one of two dozen Chihuahuas who were rescued by the SPCA of Brevard from a run-down home in Central Florida. Their owner was a hoarder and forced the dogs to live in absolute filth and were rarely, if ever, allowed outside. Four of the pups were pregnant and in need of foster homes so that they wouldn’t have to give birth in a shelter.


A woman named Melissa Benzel heard about the dogs and offered to take in one of them who needed her help most. That’s when she was introduced to Hazel, who was expecting five to six puppies soon. Benzel welcomed her into her family and fell in love with her immediately.


Benzel is a professional photographer and came up with the great idea to do a maternity photo shoot with Hazel before she gave birth. Hazel was an extremely shy dog, never really having much human contact in her life, but Benzel said the photoshoot really helped her come out of her shell.


Hazel appeared to have a smile on her face in the pictures. Benzel believes that not only are these pictures about her being pregnant, but they also show a glow on her face and happiness in her eyes as she enjoys the outdoors for the first time.


“This is a special time for her, and we want her to feel appreciated and loved,” Benzel told The Dodo. “We’ve fostered many, many dogs before, but there’s something special about Hazel. We feel strongly about her.”


Hazel wound up giving birth to five healthy puppies, four girls and one boy. They are just as cute and sweet as Hazel is! Benzel captured the birth through her photography and plans to do a newborn photoshoot in a few days.


All of the puppies rescued alongside Hazel will be up for adoption via the SPCA of Brevard Adoption Center. If interested, you can inquire on their page. Also, be sure to check out Benzel’s photography page on Facebook to see more pictures of Hazel and her pups!



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