This Adorable Prairie Dog And His Animal Friends Win Hearts Of Everyone Who Sees Them

Please meet Swarley and Bing, a pair of adorable pet prairie dogs! The two rodents live in Houston, Texas with their human mom, Cassidy, Biscuit the Labradoodle, Hazel the hedgehog, Sprinkles the cat, two ducklings, and a goat. The group of animals is affectionately called the “Prairie Dog Pack”.

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When Cassidy met this adorable prairie dog and learned you could keep them as pets she went home and researched the animal for nearly a year before getting Swarley and Bing.

Ever Since then, she’s been sharing their adventures on social media.

The pair love Biscuit a lot although Biscuit wasn’t instantly smitten with the pair.

Eventually he warmed up to the rodents and now the three love to hang out together and go on adventures.


Bing and Marley enjoy riding on Lil Sebastian the goat’s back.


According to Cassidy, Bing and Swarley have are friends all the dogs in the neighborhood and are friendly with all the animals they meet.

Bing and Swarley are very affectionate pair.


Bing misses his mom when she goes away and bark bark non stop when he sees her returning home.


They cuddle with everybody and sleep in bed with Cassidy.

They are just one big happy family!



What an adorable family! Share the Prairie Dog pack with your family and friends!