You Will Be Amazed Where This Homeless Poodles Was Living For Months, Then Finally Learns To Trust Again!

Life for homeless dogs can be incredibly difficult. Without a loving home and family, they’re subject to everything from harsh weather to starvation or dehydration. Adding to the fight for basic survival, stray pups can also suffering from conditions like fleas, mange, or extreme matting that would otherwise be easily avoided with proper grooming. The poor poodle in this video, unfortunately, learned what it is like to experience many of these hardships, thankfully his luck all changed when Hope for Paws was called in to save him.

The pup, named Scotty, had been living under a house for five months and refused to let anyone come near him. While the details of this pup’s past are unknown, it is likely that he had suffered at the hands of cruel humans which led him to be extremely nervous around people and act out aggressively. When the Hope for Paws team finally located the pup, they knew they’d be in for a challenge. Little did they know that challenge would involve crawling under the foundation of a house and working for two hours to gain the dog’s trust.

But, regardless of the cost, this amazing team knew that the reward of giving Scotty a new lifewas certainly worth it. Once they finally looped a lucky leash around Scotty and got him back to the shelter for a bath and much needed haircut, the team met an entirely different Scotty. Free from the weight and pain of his matted fur, he was happy and super lovable!

Scotty is currently looking for a forever home, and you can help him find one by sharing his story. To learn more about adopting Scotty, check out the Shelter Hope Pet Shop’s website.



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