The Policeman Gives A Grieving Family An Amazing And Unforgettable Gift

policeman returns dog

An Alabama police officer, Sgt. Whaley drove a dog named Kai 770 mikes to bring her to a grieving family. McKenzie Catron, a 19 year old girl was killed in a vehicle accident during spring break. Her car when off the road and into a utility pole. He was the first on the seen and was told a dog was involved as well. Sgt. Whaley stated, “We felt we needed to find the dog, an we were going to do whatever we needed to do to reunite this dog with this family.”

After securing the scene, police, firefighters and other emergency personnel searched the area for the missing dog. A Facebook group was formed to help out, and coordinate search efforts. There was even a $1,000 reward offered to anyone finding the dog.

policeman returns dog

Once they found Kai, they had a hard time getting her into the car for she was confused and very frightened. Everyone felt they had to do what ever was necessary to contain the dog and return her to McKenzie’s family.

Benjamin Irwin is the family’s lawyer. He said, “I just know if I were them I would want the last tangible thing of someone I loved.” It was Irwin’s law firm that footed the bill for the $1,000 reward, and have decided to take that $1,000 and donate it to the shelter that Kai was adopted from.

Sgt. Whaley took it upon himself to make the 770 mile trip that was necessary to return Kai to their family for he knew this family would never be the same, but they still had McKenzie’s beloved dog and this was the only comfort they could offer.

policeman returns dog

Please show your appreciate and respect for Sgt. Whaley for going above and beyond the call of duty and returning Kai to a grieving family in their time of need. God bless McKenzie and her family, our thoughts and prayers are with you…


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