The Prosecutors Kept Asking For A Statement, So The Police Dog Gave This Hilarious Response!

The legal system is a complicated beast. There are numerous checks and balances in place to prevent the abuse of the legal system by those who work to enforce it. Generally speaking, everything runs according to the system. Sometimes, however, a misunderstanding or miscommunication can result in some interesting situations. This is exactly what happened at the West Midlands Police Department.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) tried to reach the department multiple times to get a statement from Officer PC Peach regarding an altercation he had with a criminal. The problem is, PC Peach is a K9 officer (i.e., a dog). When CPS persisted with their demands to get a statement despite being told the truth about PC Peach, the department decided to send them the statement they so badly wanted.

After mounting frustration over the fact that CPS refused to understand that Peach was a dog, the officers at West Midlands decided to play along and sent back this statement:

Taken by pej from Dailymail online

Despite the fact that it was obviously a joke, the department is now being investigated by The Professional Standards Department, since it was a case of police officers submitting a false statement. Maybe they should also look into the CPS wasting everyone’s time insisting that a dog provides a statement… just a thought.

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