Listen Very Close To The Noise This Polar Bear Makes When She Is With Her “Dad”

Mark Dumas decided to step up to the plate and hand-raise Agee on his own when the mother had eleven cubs, to many to be able to raise and care for.  Now, 18 years later, Agee began to see Mark as a mother, father, and companion. Her love for the man who raised her is unshakeable. His wife, Dawn, even says Agee gets jealous.

If anyone but Dawn takes Mark’s attention away from Agee, she will get a little sassy and needy! What’s perhaps most endearing about their relationship is the sound Agee makes. The polar bear purrs the way a cat would, except much louder. The humming  sounds more like the motor of car or a helicopter flying over, but it’s Agee’s way of letting everyone know she is calm and happy snuggle to dad!

Mark and Agee swim together, play together, and live together. Although he knows that polar bears have a reputation for being dangerous, he has never felt like he was in danger when with his precious little girl…


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