Abandoned Pit Bull Puppy Suffers After 1000′s of Bee Stings, Now Needs A Loving Home!

Any abandoned animal is heartbreaking. No matter what kind, seeing a pet, who does nothing but love, left all alone is enough to make you cry. But when an animal in clear and urgent need is abandoned? It’s just unconscionable.  But it’s also what happened at a veterinarian’s office in Michigan.
It started when a pit bull mix puppy encountered hundreds of ground bees and was stung all over his little body, prompting an allergic reaction.

Where dogs without allergies just swell up and get sore, this dog’s body reacted by erupting in sores all over his body. His owners took him to the vet where he was administered an antibiotic, but he was allergic to that, too. And apparently, that was too much for the humans. They left the 10-month-old puppy at the vet’s, just like that.

Many dogs in this situation would be euthanized, but one woman is working to make sure that doesn’t happen. Carri Shipala is the founder of LuvnPupz rescue, which takes in abandoned dogs and finds them homes. And Shipala doesn’t shrink from tough cases like this. “I feel like it’s what a true rescue is,” she says.

The puppy, who has been named Stinger, is now staying at LuvnPupz and recovering from his injuries while waiting for a forever home.
Warning: The following images might be upsetting to some readers. Please continue at your own discretion.


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