They Couldn’t Believe This Pit Bull’s Condition When She Came Through Their Doors

North Shore Animal League couldn’t believe what they were seeing when this poor, sweet puppy came through their doors.  She was only seven months old and was barely alive from living on the streets.


Although she was starving to death, her spirit was still joyful, greeting the staff with kisses and wagging tail.

She greeted the vet team with a wagging tail and plenty of smooches.

They couldn’t believe how malnourished she was and still was able to walk.

But behind those sweet eyes was a seriously malnourished pup.

She suffered from demodex mites that caused many skin lesions that had to be treated.
She was also suffering from demodex mites which caused skin lesions.
They monitored her progress and watch her carefully over the next several weeks.

They treated and carefully monitored her over the next few weeks.

Every week she made wonderful progress and got better and better!

It was important to make sure she didn't get overeager with her food and cause more issues.

She gained 12 lbs and her skin healed completely!

And soon she was up 12 lbs and skin lesion-free!

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