Rescued Abandoned Pit Bull Gets The Best Thing Ever

Rudy the pit bull has seen it all.  After he was found in a plastic basket on New York City street, rescuers quickly saw the poor pup was covered in lots of  injuries.

Rudy’s miraculous recovery showed just how tough he was… and how deserving he was of a second chance.

This is Rudy shortly after being rescued. In addition to his wounds, he had a broken front leg, a tear in his bladder, Cushing disease, and had lost most of his fur.


No one knows where or how he sustained these injuries, but he was finally in safe hands.


First, his recovery needed to start with a bath  which was most likely his first real bath ever.  It must have felt like the greatest thing in the world to Rudy. Just look at his face!


Thankfully this little guy never gave up, and now he’s feeling all of the love he deserves, and is getting spoiled rotten!


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