He Was Abandoned And Left To Die Locked In A Shed, But This Tenacious Pit Bull Had Other Plans

This adorable and lovable guy was abandoned by his family inside a shed near Forked River, New Jersey.  With no food or water available, he was practically left to die. But he wasn’t going to let that happen.

His owners abandoned him alone in this shed.


They padlocked and barricaded the door shut to prevent him from being able to get out.


This was how they left him inside, with no food or water.


But this survivor wasn’t going to go down without a fight!


 He worked his way out of a tiny hole in the side of the shed.


Once he was free he ran to some neighbors for help, underweight and frightened.


There the neighbors gave him much needed water.


What kind of people could have left this beautiful boy like that, but one thing is for sure, he sure showed them!


What a tenacious and great dog! I hope he gets a new family who knows how to love him back.


Please share this incredible dog with your loved ones and fellow animal lovers, and consider taking him home today by visiting the shelter’s official site.