This Adorable Piglet And Precious Kitten Are Rescued And Develop An Amazing Bond

Meet Laura the piglet and the kitten, Marina.  Together they have overcome a very sad past thanks to a lot of tender loving care and some snuggling! 

pig cat

Good Samaritan found Marina very sick and alone, she was abandoned on the street as a newborn.  When she arrived they weren’t certain she would even survive. Slowly she made progress and turned the corner after a lot of love and much needed care.


Laura was born in a meat factory farm before she was brought to the sanctuary.  Without a mother, volunteers have had to keep her warm, feed and cared for.  


The pair are the youngest residents of Santuario  Igualdad  Interespecie(Interspecies Equality Sanctuary), a refuge for farm animals in Santiago, Chile.  The two have formed an inseparable bond and have made a lot of improvement since being brought here, the future is looking brighter every day!

pig kitten

These two have shown us that love can make a difference, even proving you can overcome a rough start in life.  The sanctuary wrote online:

“Since her arrival, Laura has been treated with love and care that a baby deserves, and has formed a deep friendship with Marina the kitten, showing by example, that when it comes to relations of friendship and respect, no matter the species to which one belongs.”

pig cat1


To learn more about Santuario Igualdad Interespecie, and to track Laura and Marina’s progress, follow them on Facebook.

For information on how to help the sanctuary’s cause, check out their donation page (translated from Spanish).

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