Wee Wee Is An Adorable Rescue Piglet Who Believes He Is A Puppy



Wee Wee loves toys and belly rubs. He naps in a heated dog bed, but prefers resting on top of a person, like a little lap dog.

“He is very much like a little puppy! He runs and plays and even barks like a puppy,” says Terry Cummings, co-founder of Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary—a 400-acre haven for rescued farm animals in Poolesville, Maryland.

Wee Wee belongs at Poplar Spring because, of course, he isn’t actually a puppy at all. He’s an astonishingly lucky and sweet little piglet.

pigs 1

Suburban Maryland is a great place for regular families, but not ideal for industrial-sized pigs, and Wee Wee will in time grow to be very Big, perhaps a thousand pounds.

Once the roads cleared, Wee Wee was dispatched to Poplar Spring, where Cummings and her husband David Hoerauf—both vegan advocates, along with animal rescuers—had been preparing for the now-famous pig’s arrival.

“You’re going to be fine, piggy,” Perry Smith said, before his tiny charge’s onward journey. “You’re going to be a good boy.”

pig 3

Wee Wee has been a good boy at his new home, indeed.

“He is such a friendly pig, and loves all the attention he is getting,” says Cummings.

Being a baby, Wee Wee sleeps and plays a lot. He goes outside for brief spells, since it’s still so cold, but, Cummings says, “he really enjoyed running in the paths in the snow, and he ate some snow.”


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