What This Pig Does For His Friend, A Rooster, Every Night Is Heart Touching…

Emma’s piglets had grown big enough to move onto a new pasture. The mother pig was lonely without her piglets. That’s when farmer John Chester decided to get Emma a pet rooster, Greasy. Immediately Emma took to Greasy and treated him as he was one of her own. She and the rooster were inseparable and Emma was able to nurture and care for him in the absence of her own babies.

However, Chester wondered if their relationship was one sided.  He couldn’t tell if Greasy really got anything out of this pig. So Chester decided to set up a camera. He carefully watched Greasy and Emma’s interactions. Then he saw it.

It happened just about every night. The coyotes would howl just outside the farm. They were hungry and looking for food. Greasy would hear the sound and find Emma. Emma would make her bed of straw and hay. , Greasy would crawl behind her and take shelter. He would slowly doze off knowing he was safe when Emma was there.


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