You Will Love Viewing These First And Last Photos Of Loved Pets. It Will Make You Reach For Your Own Photos.

You will love viewing these first and last photos of loved pets.!   This will for sure tug at your heartstrings.

1. This is Docker we had for 14 years.

1) "I had to put my first dog down last week after 14 years of wonderful companionship, RIP Docker"

2. Here is Cassie who passed 3 years ago.

2) "Our beautiful bossy Cassie died suddenly 3 years ago today. We still miss her. Here are the first and last photos I ever took of her."

3. ” We just lost her yesterday.”

3) "My dog passed away yesterday, these are the first and last pics of her..."

4. This is our last photo of our beloved pet of 13 years.

4) "My dog passed away after 13 years together. Our first day and last day together."

5. Meet our cat Steve Holt.  He is missed daily.

5) "The first and last picture of my cat, Steve Holt! I'll miss you so much, buddy."

6.  “Our dog on her first and final day.”

6) "My dog on one of his first days and on his last."

7. Me and my kittens 1st picture.

7) "First picture ever taken of us on the left, last ever on the right :(

8.  This was her best friend for 16 years, and today she passed of a stroke.

8) "She's been my best friend for SIXTEEN YEARS, and today, she sadly passed away from a stroke. I love this dog, and I miss her dearly."

9.  Mortiemer 1991-2010.

9) "Our first and last pictures together. Mortimer, 1991-2010."

10.  This is Kilo, RIP little guy.

10) "My first picture and last picture with Kilo... RIP little guy."

11.  My cats first and last day.

11) "This is my cat's first and last picture."

12. ” First and last photo of my best friend.”

12) "The first and last photos of my best friend."

13.  We put my friend down yesterday.

13) "We had to put him down yesterday. This is the first and last picture I ever took of him. I loved him so damn much."

14.We took these pictures 16 years ago.

14) "Here's the first and the last pictures we ever took of our old dog, 16 years apart."

15.  Meet Simba, our beloved cat.

15) "We had to put down Simba today. Here's the first picture I took of him and one of the last."

16. This is my best friend for 10 years.

16) "My best friend is now gone after 10 years of friendship. This is her first and last pictures."

17. My first and last picture with Mopsy.

17) "My first and last picture with Mopsy"

18.  Millie passed away this week.

18) "Millie passed away this week [...] This is the first and last photo I took of her. I love you so much Millie!"

19. This is my best friend Mel.

19) "The first and last picture taken of my best friend, I love you Mel"

20. They loved her from the day he was born.

20) "We loved her from the day she was born"

21. My first photo and my last final goodbye photo.

21) "From the First "Hi" To the Final "Goodbye" the best dog I've ever had"



We hope you enjoyed these loving and memorable photos.  Please share with your loved ones and fellow animal lovers.