These Golden Retrievers That Will Totally Make Your Day Golden!

Growing up with dogs is a true joy. Growing up with golden retrievers is a dream come true.

Like all dogs, goldens are always excited to see you, are super cuddly, and encourage endless belly rubbing. The only difference is that these fluffy balls of joy are also super cute from the moment they’re born to their ripe old age.

If these photos don’t put you in a “golden mood”, I don’t know what will!

1. They’re so wiggly when they’re young.

They're so wiggly when they're young.

2. It’s okay if you treat them like your babies. They’re pretty into it.


3. Golden litters are basically the best things ever invented.


4. They’re so majestic, they tend to make others look bad.


5. When you come home, they’re so overjoyed, they have to mark the occasion with a gift!


6. Did I mention they’re happy when you come home?


7. They love their humans so much, they let us do things like this…


8. …And this.


9. The saying “less is more” couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to goldens.


10. I mean, how could you choose just one?



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