15 Dogs That Are In Loving Relationships, We Might Learn Something From Them?

Perhaps you are happily in love, or maybe you’ve been single and ready to mingle for quite some time. Whatever your situation is , what you’ve got going on, we’re sorry to say, pales in comparison to these pups’ bonds. The truth is, you may learn a thing or two from these dogs when it comes to relationship goals.

1. Sure, dinner and a movie may be a little … predictable.


2. Even staying in bed on a Friday night for the average couple is to be expected.


3. But when it comes to dog couples, each movie feels like the first and every kiss is treated like it’s the last. In other words, tongue or GTFO!


4. If he’s not happy, she’s not happy.

dogkiss1-1 (1)


5. And if another pup even dares to sniff his girl’s butt … he’s going to make them wish they never attempted a “friendly hello.”

dogcouplesketchy1-1 (1)

6. Dog couples just know how to make each other feel special, whether it’s during “snuggly wuggly” time…


7…..to cranky “just leave me alone” time.


8. Because after spending so many years (and even more money on matching collars) together, they just get it.


9. Dog couples don’t worry about putting their best paw forward. They know how to be silly and let their freak flag fly.


10. Kissing couple.


11. Because in the end, they’re not just a couple, they’re friends who always have each other’s backs.


12. During the good times…


13. And the *very* bad times…


14. For as long as they both shall live.


15. The perfect couple!



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