What This Owner Does To This New Born Pup Is Unbelievably Sad

Among a litter of pitbull puppies, one stood out as different, his right ear was missing a flap and his left eye never fully formed so the owner insisted on separating him from his mother and siblings and left him at a high kill shelter in rural North Carolina after being told the puppy  would be put down because they were at maximum capacity.

 Nicole Horabik, assistant director of North Carolina’s Cause For Paws, a rescue organization, came across the shelter’s Facebook post pleading for help and had a strong emotional reaction.

“I saw the post, and I was like ‘Oh, hell no,'” Horabik told The Dodo. That same day, she welcomed the 8-week-old puppy into her home and made a post of her own, below.

She named him Captain Morgain, Cap for short.

 Horabik has five German shepherds in her house and they’ve been getting along well. But Horabik wants to find Cap a forever home that’s going to “love him for whom he is.”







“What people need to take away is that imperfection is perfection,” said Horabik. “Not all dogs are perfect in your eyes, but they can be amazing dogs.”

“One of my German shepherds is completely blind and my other dog is an amputee and he only has three legs,” Horabik said. “And they are perfect in every way possible.”

If you can’t adopt but still want to help? Donate to Cause for Paws, North Carolina division.


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