Baby Otter Is Saved From Side Of The Road, But Wait Until You See What Her Favorite Thing To Do Is!

A baby otter, who hasn’t gotten a name yet, was found earlier this week, alone and crying by the side of a busy road.

This adorable little girl, not even 5 weeks old yet loves her belly rubbed and her stuffed animals.  But when she’s done with them, her favorite thing to do is; one by one she drowns them in her big bowl of water!


Kris Porter has worked with wild life for 35 years.  She is a licensed rehabilitator with Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife, a nonprofit near Tampa, Florida said she “has never met an otter who’s even come close to being as sweet as this young pup.”

Porter worked rehabbing more than 1,000 injured, sick and orphaned wild animals in the last year, including bald eagles, hawks, owls and over 100 baby squirrels.

Porter agreed to take her in, understanding that a young animal like this one would need lots of bottle feeding and care.


Most likely she wouldn’t make it or be safe being returned to the wild, so she’ll be donated to an aquarium or wildlife center and become a species ambassador. Then, she’ll finally get a name!


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