This Sad Dog Was So Heartbroken She Couldn’t Even Face The World

At first, all she could do was cower and hide from the world.

Cara was found by a rescue group in Ireland, and it didn’t seem like life wasn’t even worth living for her.



In a video, posted by PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland last July, Cara appears so despondent, she can’t even pry her face from the wall of her kennel.

Instead, she remains pressed into the corner, oblivious to efforts to get her attention.

A vet confirmed Cara was not, as is the case with some dogs who press their head persistently against a wall, suffering from a severe medical condition.

She was, in fact severely nervous.

“What had made her like this?” asks the caption accompanying the video.

Indeed, how does a dog so naturally inclined toward companionship become so  introverted that she can’t even turn to face the world?

It’s a particularly ironic for a “sight hound”,  a group of dogs, like greyhounds, who traditionally rely on sight, not senses to be so withdrawn.

All Cara saw was darkness. Until the light became impossible to ignore.

Little by little, she took in her new world. Just a day later, PAWS posted another image:


Not long after that, she found a real home with Michael and Theresa McGrath.

Then she found her voice!  Click on the link below and see Cara now!  You won’t believe her transformation.

In the recently posted video, she’s having  an animated discussion with another sight hound on a couch , a discussion that starts with yips and barks before descending into mutual howling.

Cara may not sing exactly like an angel. But there’s little doubt, angels had a hand helping her find a beautiful new world.  And it’s world worth singing about.


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