Meet These 22 Baby Ocelots, Quite Possibly The World’s Cutest Felines

1.Very Tiny, Very Sleepy.

So teeny, so sleepy.

2. When they get older, they get darker brown.

As they mature, that shifts to a dark brown.

3. Electric baby blue.

As infants, their big, bright eyes have a blue hue.

4. Listen to me roar!

"Oh hai! We're brothers!"

5. Yummy

But no matter what color their eyes are, these babies are undeniably adorable.

6. I may look serious, but all I want to do is play…

He's a little grumpy about lunch being late.

8.I have something very important to say!

"When do cuddles start?"

9.Shhhh it’s only my 5th nap today!

Shh, he's only had six naps today.

10. Do I smell fish?

"Do I smell...steak?"

11.Wow what is that?

I'm sorry, I can't remember what I was doing because this cutie just hypnotized me.

12.Just how cute am I?

"Everyone knows how cute I am, right?"

13.Do you like my white highlights?

Can we talk about those little white marks?!

13.Hi my name is Jimmy, and this is my little friend Mickey.

"Jimmy, it's rude not to say hello."

14.Look at this gorgeous fun pattern.

Just look at that gorgeous fur pattern.

15.How sweet is this little guy?

Despite their similarities to jaguars and leopards, they never get quite as large as those big cats.

16.I love to explore.

He's in the middle of an intense game of hide-and-seek...

17.Peek A Boo.

"Dang it, you found me!"

18.Sitting for a portrait!

Famous artist Salvador Dalí had his own pet ocelot, but it's probably best to leave these guys in the wild.

20.Picture perfect.

I think he just realized he's afraid of heights...

21. Where does he think he is going?

"We were just playing, I swear!"


I just want to rub his lil' belly!

22.How beautiful are this little cats?

Did we mention they also grow up to be BEAUTIFUL?!

We had you enjoyed viewing these little baby ocelots, nick name is”ocelittles,” and they put a smile on your face as I did for us.  Please share these photo’s with your loved ones and other animal lovers.