This Severely Obese Dog Has An Incredible Transformation, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!



For this breed, 37=8 pounds in enormous! Vincent wasn’t in very good health or spirits.  He was often very lethargic and depressed looking, and as if the physical and mental health issues weren’t enough, the poor guy ended up being surrendered to a shelter because his owner had died.

According to his vet, Sharon Anderson, “He was friendly, but I could barely discern between his laying down and standing up positions.  With his short little legs, there was very little clearance between the floor and his chest and abdomen.”

Vincent could barely even walk and his cholesterol was so high that his over weight was causing a dipping in his back, putting pressure on his spine, and threatening to stricken him with nerve damage.  He wouldn’t live long in this condition that is for certain!


When he came to the animal shelter, a rescue group out of Houston, Texas called K-9 Angels Rescue, heard about his story.  They took him in and got Vincent on the road to a major wight loss program to save his life.  It wouldn’t be the easiest thing they’ve ever done, but they knew that he was in a bad way and really wanted to help.

“At his original BMI (Body Mass Index), he was at a severe risk for arthritis, diabetes, reduced mobility, increased physical injury that can lead to paralysis of the hind legs, cancer, respiratory disease, kidney disease, pancreatic and shortened life expectancy,” said Anderson.

Things were not off to an easy start, and even though at one point he did start losing weight, he quickly leveled-off, and just didn’t seem to be having much success.  His foster mom, Melissa Anderson, and his vet were not going to give up on Vincent.  They would do whatever it would take to make sure he met his goal weight.


Everyone worked really hard at helping Vincent lose weight.  He even got a sponsorship from a dog food company called Royal Canin.  They are a specialty health food maker for dogs.  When they found out about Vincent, it just seemed like a natural thing for them to do.

Slowly but surely, with the new food regiment and a few creative exercise opportunities added like water aerobics, and longer and longer walks, the pounds started melting off.  He was turning into a whole new dog.  Soon his cholesterol came down to a healthier number as well.  He was on his way to a clean bill of health.

His attitude towards life in general has even changed.  Today, Vincent is playful, loves people, and just seems to much happier than he ever has been.  Eight months ago, this dog came in at a weight of 38 pounds.  If you scale that up to human-size, a normally 180-pound man would be over 340 pounds!  He lost a total of 20 pounds and looks and feels really good today!

Now Vincent needs a forever home.

If you think this could be you, Melissa Anderson would love to help.

“The perfect home will continue his daily walks and the monitoring of his food,” said Anderson.  “Most important is having lots of love to give!”

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