Even During A Dangerous Tragedy This Mother Goose Refuses To Leave Her Nest Of Eggs

Wildlife specialist Tim White was dropping off some paperwork at his office in Erie County, Ohio, on Sunday when he saw smoke rising near one corner of the building.  White discovered a Canadian goose on the ground refusing to leave in the middle of a fire that had engulfed her nest containing six eggs, reports the Sandusky Register.  In an extraordinary display of parental devotion, a very dedicated goose shows proof that a mother’s instinct by sacrificing her own body to save her babies.

“It was a small blaze, but she was sitting right in it,” White told The Dodo. “She took the brunt of it and was sitting on the eggs just trying to protect them.”


White rushed to fetch buckets of water to douse the flames while the mother goose never budged, despite the fact that her feathers had been scorched and singed in the blaze.  Once the fire was out, White heard from leading authorities the fire was no accident!   Several cigarette butts were found which, White said, appeared to have been placed there intentionally.

Immediately White called the sheriff and rehabilitators from Back To The Wild animal clinic to retrieve the bird and her unhatched babies. The mother goose escaped with only damage to tail feathers as a result from the fire.  The mother goose is reported to be doing well and is expected to have an complete recovery.

Several of the eggs were visibly burned but are getting a fighting chance.  “We’re keeping them in an incubator just in case,” staffer Sammie Zilla told The Dodo. “If  they do end up hatching, they’ll go back with mom and we’ll let her take care of her babies here, and then they’ll all be released together.”

White is hoping that the devoted mother goose will one day soon be able to meet the babies she fought so hard to save.

“There’s too many bad endings out there,” said White. “I hope this story has a good one.”


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