Families Adopt Dogs Before Meeting Them And Lose It While Having To Pick Them In Random Order

In July 2017, a Detroit resident heard the sounds of whimpering and crying coming from a nearby property. He called The Michigan Humane Society for help.

His neighborhood had recently experienced severe downpours, so he knew whatever was making those noises was in desperate need.

The heroes from MHS arrived on the scene and performed a stunning rescue right there in the backyard.

A stray dog named Raina had given birth to a litter of 11 puppies. She tried to keep them safe from the flash flooding by digging a hole.

By the time MHS arrived, Raina and her babies were hiding deep down in the muddy hole. It took the team hours to lure Raina out and assure her that she and her puppies were safe.

That day, Raina and all 11 of her adorable pups were recovered safe and sound.

After they arrived at the shelter, received vaccinations and medical care, and were properly fed, it was time to find them their forever families.

In the video below, the lucky adopters arrive and are lined up in the waiting room. They’ve each already committed to taking home a puppy, but here’s the thing: they have no idea which one!

The staff randomly assigns numbers to each family signifying the order in which they’ll get to pick their puppy. And the results are more heartwarming than I ever expected.

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